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The working area will be clear and free of all contaminants. Moisture must be eliminated from the working area for successful GRP application. All
hydrocarbon substances such as oils and lubricants will be removed for perfect ad-hesion. Any other surface impurities will also be removed.
Cleaning may include brooms brushes vacuum cleaners for the removal of heavy and fine particles.

Materials will be stored in a manner to avoid spills causing staining.
Edges will chamfer, and corners rounded with the prescribed filler before the lining is applied. Imperfections will be rectified with the use of resins suitable for the GRP application.


  • Non-Conductive Properties.
  • Resistant to Corrosion.
  • Weight Advantages.
  • High Strength.
  • Economy.

A bonding coat such as will be applied thinly to the working area to assist the chopped strands mat adherence to the working surface.
After the bonding coat is cured, the chopped mat strands will be applied to make sure that the CSM is sufficiently wet for good application. Ensure enough impregnation of the CSM to avoid the exothermic heat.
A second layer of the CSM can be applied again using the steel roller when the first layer is sufficiently cured.
Approximately Four layers will be required to achieve the depth of 4mm GRP.
It is recommended to use 50mm overlapping for the laminating process.
When complete and sufficiently cured the surface will be inspected for anomalies such as air pockets and exposed matting. Remedial work should be conducted using sanders if required.
When complete and signed off as complete and in compliance by the QA/QC a final gel coat will be applied using glass fibre tissue.
The gel coat should have the properties of anti-corrosion properties and provide a smooth surface in compliance with the job order.
The covering slap will require just two coatings of the gel coat to provide adequate protection.
When the installation is complete and working materials such as tool and access platforms will be removed from the working area. The floor application of the GRP will now follow the same protocol as the walls.
Drainage systems and catchment areas will be also GRP lined to a depth of 4mm in compliance with the original drawings.

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